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Wonders of the Bible

Watch Us Grow in 2017
Featuring "Wonders of God's Creation" 3D Hologram Exhibit

Wonders of the Bible celebrates the Good News of Jesus Christ through Christian high-tech visual art, science, and technology: past, present, future.

We are a "grammy" (RN) and retired "pop-pop" (laser holography) outreach ministry in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Our aim is to provide a singularly unique and exciting educational and visual experience for the public.

No group is too big or too small.
Church Groups; Sunday School Classes; Home School Groups; Events; Luncheons & Dinners

In Eastern PA, Western NJ, and NY, MD and DE.
We can provide a single table top display to multiple table display(s).

The best exhibits always show people things that they have never seen before, and likely may never see again!

In 2016 we presented to:
* The Creation Evidence Museum of Texas
* Institute for Scientific & Biblical Research
* Scientific and Biblical Creationist Fellowship
* And several local church groups in our area.

wonders of the bible exhibit display

Optional powerpoint presentation / lecture. The remaining time is spent viewing and experiencing the exhibition.

You'll see and learn about microscopic scripture (smaller than the human eye can see!); 3D laser holograms (featuring "Wonders of God's Creation" in 3D holograms); antique stereoscopes; ancient Biblical texts, scrolls and tablets; Christian-based free-space laser communication (Genesis 1:1 on a laser beam); 3D UHD auto-stereoscopics; pre-flood dinosaur and man footprint; fossil of raindrops from the Great Flood; Noah's Ark, and more.

All exhibits are centered on the inerrant authority of the Holy Christian Bible.

Stay tuned in 2017 and visit us on Facebook.

For more information, please call 610-434-8236.

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